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Durga Puja Special Red-White Saree Collection With Latest Fashion 2021

White Saree With Red Border:

  • All traditional Bengali loves to celebrate Durga Puja by wearing Durga puja red-white saree In today’s life.
  • Sarees have become a fashionable product.
  • Middle-aged and older women wear white saree with a red border and proudly sporting by young and global Indians, mostly traditional Bengali.

If there is a puja in your house, then wearing a red and white saree will be the ‘in thing’ to do. But more than that, it is the emotional element and religious reasons attached to the saree which make it the best wardrobe option for a puja ceremony.

If you’re still curious about why you should be wearing a red border white saree for a puja ceremony, then here are some smart facts to inspire you.

  • A saree looks great on all body types, balancing flab and curves beautifully.
  • Sarees make you look sensual within modesty boundaries, thus keeping your style appeal high and socially acceptable.
  • If you choose the right fabrics, a sari becomes an easy-breezy garment, ideal for such crowded events.


Durga Puja Red White Saree

Why Women Wear Red-White Silk Saree In Durga Puja Occasion?

Scientific & Classic Reason:

  • White silk sarees are recommended to be worn during puja, not just because they are traditional, but because silk reacts to temperature, energy, and more in unique ways because of its origin from animals instead of processed plant materials. In puja, lots of spiritual power is supposed to be rise for the benefit of those present. Wearing silk aids in the immediate absorption and transfer of blessings and energy to those attending the puja. Synthetic fibers (which many modern clothes are made of) have the opposite effect and are unsuitable for wearing for spiritual practice.
  • It is not unique to Hinduism either. It is why priests and devotees of every god worldwide tend to wear silks for spiritual practice. But silk is always recommended for puja at home or in temples. Also, it would be best if you considered that the more time and care you take to put into your puja at home, including getting dressed, will bring more discipline, respect, and positive attention to all parts of your life.

White Saree With Red Border - Best Time for Dress-up

Red border white saree is typically worn on the last day of Durga Puja, that is, Dashmi or Dussehra.

Bengali women wear a red and white saree on auspicious occasions like festivals, marriages, etc. Durga Puja is one of the most widely celebrated Bengali festivals, and thus it is needless to say that the ethnic red and white saree has a unique role to play in this festival.

Women are crazy about white saree with a red border. They wear them to match their red-and-white shakha-pola, all married Bengali women wear, and the saree reasonably matching their sindoor, which is a great combination.

Tips To Looking Gorgeous In A Red Border White Saree

durga puja red white saree

Tips 1: Bengali women have their unique way of draping a saree without pleats. You can drape the saree like in the traditional Bengali style or wear it usually.

Tips 2: Never wear a traditional Bengali saree with ordinary imitation or designer jewelry. In Bengali culture, gold jewellery is considered auspicious. Also, golden jewelry compliments the look of a Bong Beauty in the biggest possible way. Try some basic Bengali designs like Bala, a necklace of pins and balls, dangling earrings with a chain pulling up to the hair.

Tips 3: You can leave your hair open to look sophisticated and chic. You can also tie your hair into a bun hairstyle to look traditional. You can plait your hair or pin it up in the center. If you try the bun hairstyle, adorn it with some classic Bengali hair jewelry like flowered pins and gold nets.

Tips 4: The most vital element of a Bengali woman’s get up is the large red bindi ( বড় লাল টিপ্ ) on her forehead. You cannot wear a red and white saree without putting a big red dot in the center of your forehead.

These are some of the ways to make a simple red and white saree look gorgeous.

Significance of the Color of the Red Border White Saree

In a Red Border White Saree, white color indicates purity, honesty, and innocence of a woman, and the red border symbolizes her fertility and fidelity and thus her power.

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