Flipkart’s Upcoming Sales, Dates & Deals in 2020


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Flipkart Upcoming Sale 2020

Here is the latest list of upcoming flipkart sales with date for the year 2020. These sale and offer list helps you to planing your online spending. As you can see how much discounts flipkart will offer in which time, you can calculate your budget for the lowest sends on shopping online.

Flipkart Upcoming Sale January 2020

1. Flipstart Days - 1st to 3rd January

2. The Grand Gadget Days - 8th to 10th January

3. Flipkart Republic Day Sale - 22nd to 24th January

Flipkart Upcoming Sale February 2020

4. Fashion Days - 8th to 11th February

5. Valentines Day Sale - 14th February

Flipkart Upcoming Sale March 2020

6. Flipkart Holi Sale - 20th March

7. Women’s Day Sale - 7th to 8th March

Flipkart Upcoming Sale April 2020

8. Flipstart Days - 1st to 3rd April

9. Super Coolings Day - 10th to 14th April

10. Flipkart Summer Sale - 20th to 23rd April

Flipkart Upcoming Sale May 2020

11. Big Shopping Days - 15th May to 19th May

12. Flipkart Big Shopping Days - 13th to 16th May

Flipkart Upcoming Sale June 2020

13. Flipstart Days - 1st to 3rd June

14. Flipkart Brands Super Sale - 22nd to 26th June

Flipkart Upcoming Sale August 2020

15. Flipkart Freedom Sale - 10th to 15th August

Flipkart Upcoming Sale October 2020

16. Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale - 29th Setember to th October

17. Flipkart Dhanteras Sale - 25th October

Flipkart Upcoming Sale November 2020

18. The Grand Gadget Days - 23rd to 25th November

19. Flipkart Diwali Sale - 27th November

Flipkart Upcoming Sale December 2020

20. Flipkart Big Shopping Days - 1st to 5th December

21. Flipkart BOSS Sale - 11th to 15th December

22. Flipkart TV Days - 15th to 18th December

23. Year End Sale - 21st to 23rd December

24. Jingle Days - 25th to 29th December

Upcoming Flipkart Sale FAQ

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Flipkart's Ucoming Sales Dates

Sales EventBegin OnEnds On
Flipstart Days1-Jan3-Jan
The Grand Gadget Days8-Jan10-Jan
Flipkart Republic Day Sale22-Jan24-Jan
Fashion Days8-Feb11-Feb
Valentines Day Sale14-Feb14-Feb
Flipkart Holi Sale20-Mar20-Mar
Women’s Day Sale7-Mar8-Mar
Flipstart Days1-Apr3-Apr
Super Coolings Day10-Apr14-Apr
Flipkart Summer Sale20-Apr23-Apr
Big Shopping Days15-May19-May
Flipkart Big Shopping Days13-May16-May
Flipstart Days1-Jun3-Jun
Flipkart Brands Super Sale2-Jun26-Jun
Flipkart Freedom Sale10-Aug12-Aug
Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale29 se4-Oct
Flipkart Dhanteras Sale25-Oct25-Oct
The Grand Gadget Days23-Nov25-Nov
Flipkart Diwali Sale27-Nov27-Nov
Flipkart Big Shopping Days1-Dec5-Dec
Flipkart BOSS Sale11-Dec15-Dec
Flipkart TV Days15-Dec18-Dec
Year End Sale21-Dec23-Dec
Jingle Days25-Dec29-Dec

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