Tant Vs Jamdani : Unless you grew up in a traditional Bengali family, you may often find it confusing to distinguish a Tant saree from a Jamdani saree. They often look similar from a distance and only knowing the characteristics of each saree will help you identify them correctly.

Difference Between Tant and Jamdani Saree

Tant Saree

What is Tant Saree?

A tant is a cotton handloom saree with a light and airy texture. These sarees are suitable for everyday wear, especially during summers. Tant sarees are characterized by a thick border, a decorative pallu, and a relatively plain body. Floral, paisley, and other artistic motifs are woven on the sarees giving rise to a rich variety of colorful patterns.azs

Examples of Tant Saree

Jamdani Saree

What is Jamdani Saree?

A jamdani saree, is a finely woven saree. They were originally woven in pure cotton, but today are woven in a blend of cotton and silk for a glossier finish. These sarees are characterized by intricately designed motifs that appear to float on the surface of an almost transparent, ultra-fine fabric, giving it an ethereal look.

Examples of Jamdani Saree


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