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Many men are not fans of clean-cut faces. If you’ve come across men in this category, all you need is the best beard trimmer. If you are looking for the best trimmer in India with a budget price, you should check out the features of recently launched Mi Beard Trimmer. Indians are crazy for it, so most of the time the trimmer showing out of stock. I bet you, you will feel lucky if it’s showing available at the time when you going to buy!


Trimmer is a device that makes you beautiful when it comes to arranging hair on your face. Furthermore, it is a tool for anyone who likes to have a beard and to make it look clean, tidy, even unchanging.

It will not completely shave your face or allow the hair to grow without it. Also, the trimmer allows you to keep the hair raw, smooth, as opposed to shaving. Due to the lack of time, I gave it advice on shaving because of spending my valuable time. Trimmers spend less time so I started searching for the right price for a bearded trimmer.

I was exposed to both the shaver and the trimmer. Now I use a combination of both shaving and trimming.
In my research, I came across many tips on choosing the best beard trimmer and the best hair trimmer options for Indians. I am sharing the following guide which gives tips based on my research for the best beard trimmer.

Best Trimmer in India

Trimmer for MenXiaomi recently launched its Mi Beard Trimmer in India and expanded its product portfolio. The trimmer is IPX7 Certified, comes with multiple features and also works with Power Bank. This is the first product launched in the personal gaming division of Xiaomi India. According to any type of beard style, the company has bundled two tights and a total of 40 length settings. The blade is made of stainless steel and it comes with the cord as well as support for cordless use.

As mentioned, the Mi Beard trimmer comes with self-sharpening stainless steel blades that provide 0.5mm precision. It comes with a 20 settings dial and two bearded combs that give you a total of 40 length settings to choose from.
As for battery life, Xiaomi claims that a five-minute charge gives the trimmer 10 minutes of use. The full charge will provide up to 90 minutes of battery life at once. Xiaomi claims that it also works with most power banks and has a dedicated travel mode that helps save even more battery.

It is IPX7 Certified which means that cleaning it under a tap should not be a problem. The company says that the quad-edge design provides a good grip on the trimmer and its slip-proof texture adds to the overall trim experience.

Key Features of the Best Trimmer

  • Self sharpening stainless steel blades with skin friendly rounded tips
  • 40 length settings with 0.5 mm precision (2 combs);ipx7 fully washable body for easy cleaning
  • Versatile corded and cordless usage options
  • Ultra powerful battery – up to 90 minutes of cordless usage with just 2 hour charge time
  • Unique quad edge design to reach tough spots effortlessly
  • Travel safe with travel lock and travel pouch included
  • 40 length settings with 0.5mm precision: With 2 combs that can go between 0.5mm and 20mm, this trimmer will perfectly sculpt your beard. Precision is at its finest with 6000 oscillations per min delivering accurate cuts and even shape.
  • Clean it in no time: IPX7 fully-washable body. The whole body is hydro-resistant and fully washable for your convenience. Comes with a detachable head.
  • Unique quad edge design: The ergonomic design is easy to hold and handle. The sturdy grip allows you to reach tough spots effortlessly.
  • Comes with travel pouch: Travel safe as the travel lock function keeps the trimmer from switching on unintentionally. Store it in the travel pouch to prevent undue damage.

Best Trimmer Review for 2020

4.0 out of 5
5 Star 54%
4 Star 21%
3 Star 10%
2 Star 4%
1 Star 11%

Best Trimmer Buying Guide

There are few things to consider before buying your best trimmer from online.

  • Usable While Charging or Not: What if you woke up one morning and your trimmer charge was completely gone? Plus, you’ve found that the trimmer can’t be used while charging, and you’re already late for college/work.
    To avoid this national situation, it is best to choose the best beard trimmer that can be used when charging.
  • Full Charge Time: This is the time when the trimmer takes full charge. Let’s say you wake up at 6 am and you have to go somewhere by 9 am. You check the trimmer and it is out of charge.
    You have a trimmer that can’t be used while charging, and the time to charge your trimmer is 10 hours. That means your trimmer will be fully charged from 4 pm.
    Buy a trimmer with 1 hour charging time to avoid this national situation. This will give you enough time to fully charge your trimmer by 7 am. A better way is to buy a trimmer that can be used while charging.
  • Standby Run Time: It is that the trimmer can be used after the time has been fully charged. Get a trimmer with a runtime of at least 45 – 60 minutes. Otherwise, if you take a long time in trimming, you will need to charge within the trimming.
  • Types of Blades: These are the ones that come into contact with your skin. You don’t want accidental cuts and blade irritation. Get a trimmer whose blades are made of minimal stainless steel and have round tips and scratchless combs for added protection and comfort.
    In addition to steel blades, modern blades are titanium coated, which makes them last a while. In the same vein, some trimmers come with self-sharp blades.
    This simply means that they are sharp and will provide superior performance for many years to come. You certainly do not have to worry about changing or sharpening the blades.
  • Setting & Customization: The best trimmers give precision up to 0.5mm. Locking length settings ( i.e. lock in settings with adjustment dial ) enable you to lock your blades and beard trimmer blades at certain speeds (usually up to a millimeter) and experience precise shaving and trimming.

Now you know what you will look for when choosing the best beard trimmer for you.

Best Beard Trimmer in India

After all, if you are unsure whether you are going to like facial hair (or whether women would like it), spending money on a separate grooming tool to keep your beard is not a wise thing to do, which may be weeks after history. Once the beard is permanently turned, you want to keep it clean and tidy – and not trying to control it with your regular electric razor or its low-quality pop-up trimmer.

It’s time to get the original beard trimmer. While your facial hair may not be enough to look perfect.

When scanning racks of beard trimmers at your local department or drugstore, they’ll all be visible together, something like a row of electric shavers on a starvation diet. There are huge differences in performance though.

After going a bit deeper into these essential tools for modern, well-tailored men, we look at the Groom + style choices for the top ten best beard trimmers on the market.

None of the other, Mi Beard Trimmer beat the others and hold the position “Best Beard Trimmer” in India.

Since we’ve already discussed the length of the hair, let’s go. Small beards require a trimmer that can adjust from 2-5mm, you will want to be able to trim up to 10mm for medium beard, and lumberjacks need to be able to hit 20mm or more. So, you can use it like a pro skin advanced trimmer.

Here is the list of top 3 also good bread trimmer available in India:

Best Hair Trimmer in India

If you are one of the few men who hate a clean-shaven face, you should consider buying a good hair clipper. Since beard is now a recognized norm in society, you can keep your style of choice with the right grooming tools.

To keep the best beard you can get from your best bees to a bearded look, you need a well-trimmed beard and a mustache, trimmed and cut in just the right proportion.

A good hair clipper is a must-have accessory for all beard crazed men. A facial hairstyle or a full-blown beard can look amazing if you maintain it properly.

Best Clipper


Wahl-Cut clipper with Comfort Grip clipper makes it easy to hold and cut at different angles Self-sharpening, high-carbon stainless steel blades are precision ground to stay sharp longer and detach to rinse clean.

A skilled hair clipper will make the task significantly easier for you. A good body hair clipper must have good strength with high torque to pull most whiskers into a single pass.

It must have very long battery life and a short recharge time spell. The price must be reasonable and worth it. Easy washing should have higher applicability.

This hair clipper is the best in the Indian market and with all the essential features at budget price.

Simply put, to save time, get a glowing look and gorgeous sideburns and avoid cutting the facial skin with a razor. A trimmer is technically very advanced and you don’t have to be a cleave shaved boy every time your beard is run.

Shaving or trimming a beard with a beard trimmer is easy, less time consuming and will not cut it. Furthermore, accuracy is unbeatable and convenience is essential. You have comfortable and messy hair and uneven beard will no longer be a concern for you in the comforts of your home.

Although there are many benefits to trimmers for men, buying one is not easy. Buying the best trimmer for yourself can be a daunting task and so if you are planning to buy the best trimmer for men as a gift. So to make it even easier for you, we’ve outlined a few points that must be considered when buying a trimmer for men.

Both cord and cordless beard trimmer can be used with great results to keep your beard trimmed and styled. The type of trimmer you choose depends a lot on your lifestyle, personal preferences, and your personal needs.
We recommend that you go to a trimmer that supports both functions.

  • Clean the beard trimmer: Most of the time you buy an electric razor or electric beard trimmer for men, it comes with a few items such as oils and brushes. The brush is used to remove any excess hair, especially on the beard trimmer where the blade is located. Sometimes the hair can get clad inside the trimmer where the blade is, and it can even stop it functioning once. Once you remove the excess hair from the clippers, make sure you run the clippers for a few seconds to loosen any excess hair. You should also use a cotton swab to remove the excess hair inside the crevices of the beard trimmer.
  • Oil the trimmer: Most people do not understand why a quality beard trimmer comes with a small bottle of oil. However, in the end, this oil is the only thing that lubricates your beard trimmer blades, as well as the rest of the trimmer. It is important to remember that beard trimmers are basically a small machine with a lot of work parts inside it. So it is important to keep it lubricated so that all the small parts, including the plates, are removed when and how they are supposed to.
    If you don’t have any oil that comes with your beard trimmer, you can actually use vegetable oil or olive oil for the trimmer. Be sure not to use extra virgin olive oil, motor oil, vaseline or any other lubricant as it can and will ruin your trimmer as well.

Here are some tips on using oil:

  1. First and foremost, make sure that you use the above steps to clean the beard trimmer to remove all hair and grime from the trimmer. After it is cleaned, you can add oil to the blades.
  2. Make sure the trimmer is closed first when you use any type of oil on the blades.
  3. When you are using oil, do not use the word “too low” in this case, but rather less in this case. You just need to add 1-2 blisters to the blades to make it work properly. If you add too much oil, it makes it random and can get out of the trimmer.
  4. Before using a trimmer with oil, make sure you have a warranty made. Just like opening electronics – it warrants. When you use your own oils in your trimmer, it may void your warranty. This may not seem important, but if you are buying expensive trimmers and you want to keep them for a long time!

Personal Review: Why do we recommend Mi Bread Trimmer

I have been using trimmers for about 12 years and have changed at least 16 trimmers to be the latest great, great but not suitable for cord and travel. I saw this “Mi Trimmer” launch and was attracted to it and the price of 1199 was great for the features offered.

What I like about it-

  1. Smooth minimal design, smooth to the touch, light and compact, comes with a pouch and brush
  2. The knob dial adjustment,. 5mm interval which looks very versatile and Uber cool
  3. The product is strong, ip7 wash body is felt first
  4. Cordless as well as many other options for cordless use, many trimmers do not work when connected and they have to be charged before use.
  5. USB Charging – Carry a power bank on your trip and you are ready for the trip

What I’m feeling bad about it- Can’t find any at the moment, maybe time will tell? If I have to be picky, the charger can be included.

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