Best Power Bank Under 1000 In India [ Updated – 2019 ]

The design and metallic premium look attract me also the performance of the power bank impressed me a lot in this price value. So I called it the best power bank in India and also the best power bank under 1000. The power bank has all the features what I needed, it supports fast charging and variable output is simply great features in the price range under Rs. 10,000/-

Best Power Bank In India Under 1000

  • 10000mAH lithium-polymer battery.
  • Dual USB Output, Two- way Quick Charge.
  • Compatible with 5V/2A, 9V/ 2A and 12V/1.5A charging.

Rs. 899/- Only

  • Lithium Polymer Battery makes it more durable and optimizes charging efficiency.

Mi Power Bank 2i Full Specification


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Safety Features : Mi 2i

The best Power bank under 1000 Mi 2i comes with lots of safety features.

  • Temperature Resistance
  • Protection from Short Circuit
  • Output Overvoltage Protection
  • Protection from Output Overcurrent
  • Reset Mechanism
  • Protection from Overcharge and Over-discharge
  • Input Overvoltage Protection
  • Protection from Incorrect Insertion
  • PTC Protective Circuits for the Cell

Mi Power Bank : PROS

  • 10000 mAH Capacity
  • Li-Po long life battery
  • Two output USB ports available
  • 14.2mm thin, very handy
  • Two-way quick charge
  • 9 layers of circuit chip protection
  • Premium look

Mi Power Bank : CONS

  • Input is 5V, 2.0A, so you need a charger with same capacity otherwise Mi 2i will not be fully charged anymore.
  • Mi 2i is very slippy to handle.


Mi 2i has no any heating issue while charging or releasing. The best power bank in India Mi 2i additionally accompanies low power charging mode, uncommonly intended to charge low power gadgets, for example, a Bluetooth headset and Fitness tracker. To begin low power mode press the power catch for two times, once done you will discover the LED flickering in the grouping which implies the power bank is in low power mode.

Best Power Bank Mi 2i : Design & Body

The best power bank under 1000 is Mi 2i has an aluminum body, that is the reason it looks exceptionally premium and tasteful. The dull dim shade of this power bank additionally includes some additional stars the planning side. It feels strong close by and doesn’t get scratched, despite the fact that it has a smooth aluminum wrap up. It’s attractive as well as extraordinary. This kind of premium look and a strong form quality that you don’t expect in control banks in this value extend.

The best part, this power bank is exceptionally lightweight and smaller, so you can without much of a stretch convey in your pants stash. The Mi control bank 2i is only 14.2 mm thin and 242g cumbersome. It’s exceptionally thin and smaller contrasted with other power banks and past Mi control bank 2. There is no warming issue while charging or releasing. The measurement of Mi control bank 2i is only 2.8 inches wide, 5.7 inches in length, and 0.55 inches profundity.

Best Power Bank Mi 2i : Looking

The Power bank has bent corners and 180° ergonomic curve outline which gives a more secure handhold. The smooth anodized complete makes a surface impervious to sweat, everyday wear, and erosion. It has a Mi marking on the front side. On the rear, you discovered SR rating information. There is input/yield voltage data on the base side.

Best Power Bank Mi 2i : Output

The MI power bank 2i has a two 2.4A(5.1V, 9V/12V15W MAX) USB yield ports (quick charging), rather than one USB port in Previous 10000mAH Mi Power bank. There are 4 LED’s that will demonstrate the battery level charging sign. It likewise accompanies 2.0A information port (5.0V2.0A 9V/12V18W) and power check catch. Utilizing power check catch, you can check remaining force and on/off low power mode. You don’t have to on/off this power bank since it does naturally.

Best Power Bank Mi 2i : Charging

The best thing about Mi power bank 2i is that it supports fast charging. It supports fast charging in both ways. If you use a fast charger or turbocharger you can charge this power bank faster and if your smartphone supports fast charging then this power bank can fast charge.

Mi 2i : Charging & Output