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Bengali Saree Online Shopping – Baluchari, Jamdani, Banarasi, Tant

Check out the 2020 collection of Bengali saree online from the most skilled weavers in the interior of Bengal. We can provide you with a seamless saree shopping experience to ensure that each product is quality checked, properly photographed and handled carefully.

Bengali Saree Online

Online Bengali sarees are considered as one of the most ethical and intriguing garments for Indian women. There is no doubt that Bengali women are in the outline of the world, not just because of their looks, but also because of their class, style, and culture.

Bengali Saree is famous for its rich looks with authentic fabrics, exclusive designs and royal clothing. Bengali sarees have a glorious history and Bengali garments have evolved over time since the birth of the Bengali community. To help you in Bengali saree online shopping, we have listed some new released interestingly designed Bengali sarees that you should buy in the year 2020.

Bengali Baluchari Saree ( বালুচরি শাড়ি )

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Baluchari is a type of traditional timber silk saree with a floral or geometric brocade design on the body. There is another type of sandstone saree which includes handwork such as animals, plants, a little picture of a man, wedding ceremony, horse king, etc. One of the distinctive features of this saree is the white outline of the motifs. Nowadays, sandwich sarees are woven with exceptional quality cotton fabric and polished crochet trimmed in strong colors.

Bengali Banarasi Saree ( বেনারসি শাড়ি )

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Although the original source of Banarasi sarees is Banaras (Uttar Pradesh), Bengali brides actually look best in the royal Banarasi sarees. West Bengal has become one of the major manufacturers of Banarsi sari nowadays. This is one of the most popular wedding sarees or bridal sarees in Bengal. This saree has a royal look, and women prefer to wear this saree even though they are spending more.

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Dhakai Jamdani Saree ( জামদানি শাড়ি )

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It is alleged that the source of Dhakai Jamdani saree is Bangladesh, Dhaka. From there, the name of this saree got its name. However, now the saree of Jamdani in Bengal is also found in various parts of West Bengal. The Kamai Jamdani saree is designed minute by hand weavers with soft cotton fabrics in handlooms. Bengali women like to wear this national saree because of its breathable fabric, powerful shades, and detailed handcrafting designs.

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Bengali Garad Silk Saree ( গরদ সিল্ক শাড়ি )

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Bengali women usually worship and prefer to wear the garb of silk on a sacred occasion. The word “garad” means white which is a symbol of purity. Garad Sarees can be identified outside its red border and white body, besides Garad Sarees’ most traditional lightweight and easy-to-carry The Garad Silk is made from snow or Mulberry Silk, one of the purest fabric in the world; That is why Bengali women like to wear garad sarees.

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Bengali Tant Saree ( তাঁত শাড়ি )

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Tant sarees are the most comfortable sarees that can be worn regularly. Women are comfortable wearing this saree because it is made of lightweight cotton fabric which is perfectly suited for the humid climate of West Bengal. Hooghly in Murshidabad, Nadiya, West Bengal is the main tantra saree making it a place where you will find exclusive Bengal Handloom Tent Saree.

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Kanjivaram Saree ( কানজি বরম শাড়ি )

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